Organize your seminar in Saint-Omer at the Hotel Le Saint Louis

The Saint Louis Hotel propose made-to-measure seminars to meet your goals and your objectives. Our seminar room accommodates 18 people and has a screen as well at the indispensable Wifi environment. It is fitted on request to meet your particular needs. For seminars with accommodation, the St. Louis hotel proposes 30 classic and comfortable rooms. As for lunch and dinner, they can be served in our private dining room in order to preserve the confidentiality of your discussions.

JDay conferences and seminars with accommodation at the Hotel St. Louis.

Located 30 km from the Belgian border and 45 minutes from the Channel Tunnel and a few minutes’ drive from the A26, the St. Louis hotel has an undeniable geographic advantage. The half-day seminars with accommodation through the day conferences, the St. Louis team proposes solutions for each customer.

Animated seminars at the Hotel St. Louis in Saint Omer.

Located in a marshy region, Saint-Omer was elected capital of the vegetable. The St. Louis hotel proposes original animations around the Brotherhood of the cauliflower, or the Brotherhood of the endive ..


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